A cookie is a file created by a website that contains small pieces of information that are sent between the server where this website is hosted, and the web browser used to access and view this website.


Through a cookie, the user can be identified by storing their activity history within a website, so that the most appropriate content can be offered according to its habits.

When you visit a website for the first time, a cookie is saved in the browser with little information. The next time you visit the same site, the cookie allows you to configure the website and make the visit as personalized as possible.


Browsers have configuration options to enable or disable cookies. In each browser ?s help you can find an explanation of how to do it.

However, we want you to know the types of cookies we use in ICS Red and offer you the possibility to configure them according to your preferences.

We use the following cookies type in ICS Red.

  • Strictly necessary cookies these cookies are essential in order to let you move around ICS Red and use their features. They can not be disabled.
  • Performance cookies we use these cookies in order to collect information about how you use ICS Red website and thus, improve its functionality and user experience. For example: they let us know what are the most frequently visited pages or our website. These cookies do not identify you. All information they collect is aggregated and therefore anonymous.
  • Targeting & advertising cookies ICS Red does not display advertisements of any other website. Anyway, we store a cookie of this type so advertising of our product can be seen from other websites.
  • Analysis cookies we use an analysis tool to measure the performance of our website. This means that the navigation information is anonymous, and it cannot be linked to you or to a particular person. That information is sent to our analysis servers.

In ICS Red there are two types of users: the ones that only access icsred.com (anonymous users) and the ones that also access the products by logging in (registered users).

Regarding anonymous users, the configuration that can be done by this policy will be valid for 1 hour or until the browser window is closed. Once this period is over, you will be informed about this policy and can reconfigure according to your preferences.

On the other hand, for registered users, the configuration will be stored. In order to access the cookie configuration table and review it, just go to the footer and select Cookies menu item.