We have specialized business lines in each of the services we offer to guarantee the quality of our work.

Fixed Networks

We are in position to handle any type of telecommunication networks projects, from complete turnkey projects, to simple installation and/or commissioning tasks as well.

We have a long track record of transmission, access networks, switching, data centers, telecommunications platforms, cabling, core equipment and power. We also take care of logistics, scrap management and returns.

With several warehouses of our own, we are able to provide transport services to any material or equipment.

Mobile Networks

We carry out all tasks related to the installation and commissioning of Radio Bases, RNC and Radio Links (MW), towers and B nodes on poles.

We take care of engineering, adaptation of the environment, civil works, electrical works, equipment installation and the necessary logistics. Our team has experience in high difficulty and indoor sites such as mining, Oil & Gas and underground.

Optical Networks

We offer a wide range of services related to deployment of optical networks, providing design and engineering services as well.

We take care of optical fiber deployment, Splice Closures (FOSCs) and civil work for pole-based and underground projects also.

We offer also cabling, FO-FTTH CTOs installation, testing and certification (Power + OTDR trace + Testing) services.

We also take care of FTTH services’  activation in residential buildings and private neighbourhoods.


Our customer service and dispatch center is available 7×24. We also own an in-house developed management system via a mobile phone application.

We specialize in electronic equipment, optical transmission networks, mobile phone systems, tv broadcast stations and its environment, infrastructure maintenance (air conditioning, power generators, electric energy and buildings), 7×24 NOC services and Spares logistics.


We offer specialized professional services in different areas such as telecommunications, networking and IT.

We identify your needs and provide comprehensive solutions to enhance the quality of your operations.


We optimize costs and efficiency by providing telecommunications systems to the energy industry, generating reliable communication links that allow active monitoring of their activity.

We design and build fiber-optic networks with a team that is highly skilled to work in distilleries and pumping plants, among others.

We manufacture a wide variety of boards for starting and protecting electric motors for oil drilling and pumping platforms as well as for gas compression and pumping equipment.

Turnkey projects






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